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📲 जोड़ी रेट 10...........1000

📲 हरूफ रेट 100.........1000


🔱दिल्ली बाजार..........3:00

🔱श्री गणेश................4:00

🔱गली किंग ................10:30





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सिंगल जोड़ी गली, देशावर, फरीदाबाद और ग़ाज़ियाबाद में गेम 100% गारंटी से पास सट्टे की दुनिया में काम के साथ नाम भी चलता है! जितने लोग हमसे जुड़े सब मालामाल हुए हैं. अगर आप भी हमसे जुड़ना चाहते है/



(06:00 PM)
96 **satta king
(08:05 PM)
01 **satta king
(11:20 PM)
100 **satta king
(05:15 AM)
50 34
(10:30 AM)
38 *satta king
(03:00 PM)
96 *satta king
(04:00 PM)
06 *satta king
गली Desawar की 1001% लीक जोड़ी खोजे
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TIME 11:20 PM
TIME 05:15 AM
TIME 06:00 PM
TIME 08:05 PM
TIME 10:30 AM
TIME 03:00 PM
TIME 08:05 PM



1 49 01 60 - - - -
2 09 81 09 92 - - -
3 81 85 58 66 - - -
4 69 91 81 59 - - -
5 38 49 04 30 - - -
6 05 75 16 69 - - -
7 57 31 57 53 - - -
8 90 55 30 50 - - -
9 77 76 91 64 - - -
10 13 50 05 12 - - -
11 34 86 98 95 - - -
12 59 38 64 47 84 98 01
13 95 34 14 38 13 14 61
14 12 01 72 94 04 30 23
15 45 50 57 84 11 73 58
16 25 43 85 40 28 63 71
17 84 12 27 10 61 45 63
18 30 52 80 62 22 16 66
19 87 43 16 98 91 86 53
20 70 16 01 89 49 85 95
21 60 53 01 31 26 26 99
22 65 33 08 59 10 30 33
23 77 50 61 68 30 14 71
24 62 14 54 95 28 33 51
25 66 37 26 97 49 39 90
26 13 54 23 91 28 70 72
27 73 93 52 89 47 46 98
28 66 75 73 57 23 16 24
29 43 11 81 87 13 75 33
30 74 72 47 34 19 60 94
31 - - - 87 - - -



1 44 58 36 - - - -
2 37 33 09 56 - - -
3 49 40 09 17 - - -
4 32 14 67 08 - - -
5 97 31 91 63 - - -
6 11 37 91 86 - - -
7 25 45 43 67 - - -
8 21 92 62 40 - - -
9 90 32 67 07 - - -
10 29 07 97 38 - - -
11 84 07 96 25 - - -
12 92 44 87 03 - - -
13 91 79 18 58 - - -
14 52 02 10 92 - - -
15 28 62 18 26 - - -
16 95 24 78 98 - - -
17 72 42 55 15 - - -
18 11 24 90 44 - - -
19 96 55 28 24 - - -
20 60 95 92 77 - - -
21 35 66 67 29 - - -
22 21 94 16 42 - - -
23 19 26 14 43 - - -
24 58 69 97 82 - - -
25 37 18 51 44 - - -
26 29 66 97 - - - -
27 89 14 55 85 - - -
28 - - - - - - -
29 - - - - - - -
30 - - - - - - -
31 - - - - - - -

वैधानिक चेतावनी is the most popular satta gaming discussion forum for players to use freely and we are not in partnership with any gaming company. Also we does not take any responsibility of the result and number on this site ( and gambling are bad for everyone. You will be solely responsible for being affected or addicted to this game in any way.

लीक गेम क्वीन

फरीदाबाद, गाजियाबाद, क र जल ट गली, दिसावर चारों में डायरेक्ट कंपनी से लीक है, म स ज मानो नंबर खुलेगा, किताब दी जाएगी, हमारा खेल किसी का बाप नहीं काट सकता, खेल फेल हुआ तो इनाम उसी को मिलेगा जो कर्ज में है और बहुत नुकसान में है। हमसे संपर्क करें सभी नुकसान को कवर करने की हमारी जिम्मेदारी होगी, ग म क र मुझ पर विश्वास करें आपको किसी भी तरह से धोखा नहीं दिया जाएगा| गली, दिसावर, गाजियाबाद और फरीदाबाद की सिंगल और फिक्स्ड जोड़ी को लीक डायरेक्ट कंपनी से किसी भी कीमत पर गेम पास करना होता है, हमसे जुड़े सभी लोग महीने में 20 से 25 लाख कमाते हैं। हम भी आपको मौका देते हैं, आएं और हमसे जुड़ें और बिना किसी झंझट के अपने सपनों को पूरा करें। आपकी खुशी ही हमारी प्रगति है।

( फीस गेम पास के बाद देनी है )

Gali Disawar Gaziyabad Faridabad डेली गेम पास फुल गारंटी के साथ जिसको अपना लॉस कवर करना है वो whatsapp करे हम बोलते नहीं हम कर के दिखाते है Note-जो भाई मोटा कामना चाहते है और जो मोटा खेलते है केवल उनके लिए

Do you know about the Satta King, How You Can Play It, How You Can Earn Money Through It?

If you don╤В╨Р╨йt know this website is for you. Here we are going to give you all information about Satta king, satta king ka result, satta king online result, satta king result today, satta result today, black satta king, delhi satta king, disawar satta, gali king satta, gaziabad satta king. So the game starts from one number to a hundredth. Here you just have to choose any one or multiple numbers among the hundredth. If your selected number will come in the next day's result then you will get ninety of multiple rupees. So this is the way how we play the Satta king game.

What is Satta King?

Satta king Bazar: Gambling, betting is such a game played for centuries. Betting or gambling is completely banned in India. Betting has been banned in India since independence. The speculators who play betting have found a new way to avoid this. as the format of gambling has completely changed in today's digital world. Today this gamble is played online. Satta King is in a way a new form of Matka game. The starting and closing time of the betting game is fixed. The opening time of Satta king is 4.05 pm while the closing time is 6.05 pm. Betting starts with being the king of Satta.

Candidates can check out all details regarding matka satta result, result satta king, satta king in up, live satta matka result, faridabad satta king, gali satta king, baba satta king, delhi bazar satta, delhi bazar satta king, delhi darbar satta king at our website Gali and Desawar's 100% Fix Jodi is here for you now. Now choose the right website and do not go behind the unfaithful sites that cheat people. If you play wrong satta number game, for how long we will be scammed and cluttered? We'll give you satta jodi direct from satta. Join us and you'll grow into a king of satta. Besides paying your debts, you can now lend to others as well. We will help you improve your lifestyle, even if you earn millions of rupees. Sign up today!

Satta King Game Overview:-

At, you can find sattaking Game Result. This is one of the most popular gambling games in North India. It works by choosing random numbers, and if you chose the lucky number, you will win money. This is a very popular illegal game in India. People play it to win a lot of money without putting in any effort. Their goal is to win a huge sum of money overnight. This game's history predates the nation's independence. It was started in India before we gained freedom.

There will be betting on the Opening and Closing Rates of Cotton Transmitted from the New York Cotton Exchange to the Bombay Cotton Exchange on the starting day. Satta king is the name of the player who wins the most money on a particular day. Whoever bet on Black Satta King. As In These Days, Due To The Playing By the Large Number Of Players, This Game is Also Called Satta King Due To A Large Number Of Winners.

How many types of Satta king game is being displayed on this website?

Here are four famous Satta Company and which are - Desawar Satta, Gali Satta king, Ghaziabad Satta Result and Faridabad Satta. The oldest company is Desawar so you can trust blindly on this. But Fridabasd is also one of the growing Satta companies. So you must have to set your top lucky number before the time in Faridabad company. If you will be late, then you can't play this game. One more exciting thing about this game is that on the last day of the month it closes. And all the other day you can play this game regularly without any hesitation. If you want to play with more safety then you can also go for the Online satta king game. Because there is a zero percent chance that you will be caught by the police for the Faridabad Satta-based company.

How to play Satta King game?

Satta king game is played all over India. Despite being banned in the country, betting is played a lot. Points are given from 1 to 100 for playing Satta. Any 1 of these numbers is the number of the winner. On this basis, if a person puts 5 rupees in betting, then after winning he earns up to 450 rupees. People play this game with more money and more risk. The bookies spend a lot of money in this game keeping the law at bay. You can check Satta King live result at For more information related to Sattaking, Gali King Satta, King Satta Record in Ghaziabad and Satta King Etc.

Why do people play Satta King?

Satta king game is a kind of gamble. Despite being banned in India, it is played all over the country. People bet in the greed of making more money in less time. However, sometimes this greed overwhelms the speculators. The greed for money drives people crazy for the game. People lose their big money by investing money in betting. This particular game gives appeal to every one of the great money. Those who know about its changing points they can easily win this. But those who don't have robbed lakhs of money. Therefore if you want to earn money with this game of the satta king then the you must have to collect all the provided information on the website. As you will read this article step by step then you will know many of its surprising facts.

How much profit can you make from a Satta King?

Satta King is a game that can make you rich or poor. The game is run by different companies. The prices and amounts for the game vary from company to company. You must keep money in your pocket or account if you wish to participate in the satta king game. When you start the satta king game with a thousand rupees and win, you can get eighty times the original amount. This means you will get eighty thousand rupees. Adding more will increase your gain. In the event that you are not able to win, you will lose all your money.

You must add thirty percent more to your original amount. In other words, for a thousand rupees, you need to give thirty thousand rupees. If you invest more money, you will earn more. This is the entire process. However, the player must keep all things in mind as they play the game. You should quit the game when you realize that you have won the maximum amount. Out of greed, gamblers invest more money in the game, resulting in a loss of money.

Is it legal to play Satta King?

The satta king game is illegal in India. As per Indian law, games that make money are strictly prohibited. People have lost their wealth and money after getting involved in these games. Both online and offline play is prohibited. There are free sites available from which one can easily play the game. As per the Indian gambling law, public gambling Act 1967, gambling games are permitted in India. Still, many people participate in the game. People are addicted to satta king game and are losing all their money and property within seconds.

Why is there such a popular demand for Satta King?

Sattaking allows players to choose their preferred numbers between 0 and 99. To do so, they must contact the Khaiwal in their area. Khaiwal acts as a middleman between the bettors and the game operators.Khaiwals collect money and player data from players in their area and give them to the business. The satta king Company gali result distributes a random number at a specific time. If a bettor wins, he will be paid 90 times then the amount he bet on the winning number. You will receive prizes according to the rules if you win this satta game. It is illegal to play or engage in this game, and you may be detained at any time if caught.

Are there any rules and regulations to play the Satta King game?

It's not necessary to know the 100 players in the game. The sattaking game is open to people of all backgrounds and castes. Players are not limited in any way. Different people invest different amounts in the numbers. All players do not necessarily have to deposit the same amount on the individual members they select. The minimum bet on a number is one dollar. The maximum bet on a number is one hundred thousand dollars. You will get back triple what you have deposited if you win. When you win, you get back triple the amount you have deposited when you gamble on a number.

You will be given several numbers in a big matka as well as many numbers in a small matka.You will hit the jackpot if your chosen number matches the company number announced by the company under which you are playing.It is better to stop when you already have a great number if you remember some basic tricks.Often times, people risk a large amount of money in search of some more money and end up losing the whole amount.You should stop playing the game when you have earned a lot of money.

Are there any items required to play the game of satta king?

For an individual to play Sattaking, there are only a few requirements that must be met. You should have a good internet connection on your laptop or computer. Even for a moment, the interruption of the internet connection would result in a loss of money and time. In addition, if you win the money, it will be transferred automatically to your account. To transfer money, you need to provide your bank account information. Additionally, if you lose the game, your money will be automatically deducted from your bank account.Lastly, you can play the game alone. There is no need to find a partner to play with.

As there is no time limit on thesatta king game, it can be played any time of the day. In addition, you can play these games both online and offline. If you want to play satta online or offline, you must go to your nearby bookie because it has many benefits. The satta king results can be found on the internet so that you can receive money since this is a good game. These are some important things about the game that you should remember.The game is earning some real money and gaining popularity every day.This game will certainly become a favorite.In many cases, the people who have won money from sattaking have wiped out all their debts in the market.

Where to play sattaking online or offline?

SattaKing is played online in the country as well as many types of apps are also available for it. Satta or gambling is completely banned and illegal in India. Despite this, people play this game by throwing dust in the eyes of the law. There are many online betting websites in the country. Today we will give you information about a similar betting website. There are many websites in the satta market, one of them is named satta king. Stay tuned with us for king satta chart, matka satta result, result satta king, satta king in up, satta results, baba satta king.

What is the Satta King Record Chart?

The Satta King record chart consists of all the Satta King results of the most popular games on the market. The result of every game is announced every day at a fixed time that is announced by the company. It is common for the user to mix the old results with the new ones. The owner of the site built the page to display the results of the new and old Satta king games. In the Satta king market, the Satta king chart plays an important role in helping users extract the lucky number, which is also called the Satta leak number. The chart is the main thing that helps the website stand out in the highly competitive market. There are different websites that provide results of all the best games of thesatta king market. Satta Matka results are updated on every website in an effort to keep the clients informed. You can find on our website the Satta record chart of games like Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Gali Satta King, Desawar Satta King, and many more.

What is Sattaking Result And History Of Sata king?

We will tell you about the satta king game. If you have searched for the answer, "what is Satta result?",, result"?result"? then you are at the right place, as we will tell you about the Satta king game. It was a popular gambling game in India.People can make a lot with a small amount of capital. There is no learning curve, and it is easy to play. Online or in your neighborhood. It is possible to play the Satta King game even if you don't know much about it. Getting to know Satta King's rules is important. Luck plays a crucial role. A random number between 00 and 99 must be chosen and then he must wait for the result.If the result is the same as the one he picked the day before, he will get 90 times the money he spent on that game. As the result, he would have received 90 times what he invested if he had put in 10, which is 900.The investment is risky and interesting.Kalyanji Bhagat, a second emperor, owned a grocery store in Worli.The Kalyan Worli Matka was named after him.Anyone could stake it in accordance with his rules.Ratan Khatri has resumed the New Worli Matka that he founded in 1964.The rules have also been modified. Matka was run by Kalyananji Bhagat six days a week, but only by Ratan Khatri. A number of bookies opened in Mumbai as matka became a popular pastime. Central Mumbai has become a hub for Matka businesses.Matka was at its peak in the 1980s and 1990s.At that time, it was worth Rs 500 crores every month.During repeated raids by the Mumbai Police, Satta Matka's bases were severely damaged. The bookies will no longer offer satta or betting options, but instead focus on a other forms of gambling, such as online lotteries. Police interference in this business has increased. In 2008, the satta king was close to closing after Kalyanji Bhagat and Suresh Bhagat passed away. Satta Matka from other cities, such as Disawar and Faridabad, is still very popular.

Is Delhi Satta King the same as Satta King 786?

Among the most popular games in Delhi are Satta King 786 and Delhi Satta King, which is why Satta King Delhi is also known as Delhi Satta King.

How does Satta King work?

The company verifies the account details when the gambler begins playing the game. The only person eligible to play the game will be the one who agrees to it. Visit our site for satta king Fast Results. Checking the results is free. They are easily accessible. They can be accessed from any device. Mobile phones or laptops can be used. Your choice. In the event that you win, you will receive the lump sum amount of money. Alternatively, if you lose, then you must give the penalty. It will be your responsibility. We would rather debit your account. The game is not without risks. Make your decisions wisely. It is possible that you might suddenly become wealthy. Anytime during the day, the game will change your luck.

कृपया ध्यान दें - यह वेबसाइट "" केवल मनोरंजन के लिए हमारी टीम द्वारा बनाई गयी है. यह वेबसाइट सट्टे, मटका या जुआ से जुडी किसी भी तरह की गतिविधियों को भारत में व किसी भी राज्य में बढ़ावा नहीं देती है। अगर सट्टा व जुआं आपके राज्य में प्रतिबंधित किया गया है तो आप से निवेदन है कि आप हमारी साइट को पूर्णतयाः ब्लॉक कर दें . अन्यथा किसी भी लाभ या हानि के आप स्वयं जिम्मेदार होंगे.

देवेंद्र सिंह राणा, व्हाट्सएप नंबर - 08218917698 => यहां पर पर एड लगवाने के लिए मैसेज करें गेम का रिजल्ट का लगवाने के लिए मैसेज करें

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