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Government Plans To Tax Lotteries Heavily

As the popularity of taking part in online games has increased rapidly, the government has decided to collect heavy taxes on the lottery. Players need not stop playing sattaking games if about 50% of the money collected is returned directly to them.

In the first step, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways launched the satta king online games to bring under control a sector that had been running for years. The lottery was banned in July 1978, but it was noted that the market was consistently growing. Following several rounds of discussions with all stakeholders, the Government has decided to legalize the game. Also, it has been decided to follow the same format as the state lotteries.

A representative of a recognized institution and a State or Central Government official will conduct the computerized draw at licensed premises. The prize money will be transferred by check or electronic transfer directly into the winners’ accounts after this.

The Indian government banned online betting games like online rummy, online poker, and online casinos on November 8th. Many satta king players were worried that their favorite activity would be banned and that their income would cease.

It is good that the government has come up with a way to keep all the people involved in this business of survey taking safe and also to ensure that they all get some compensation. The government will now launch a satta king lottery for those who are actively involved in the satta king business, instead of banning them. Participants in this lottery will be allowed to win money.

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