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Satta King as an Illegal Game Of Black Market

Other names for the satta king game include chalk game, satta number game, and satta khela. This is one of the games sold on the black market. It is a lottery game played in India. The game gained popularity through the 1970s. Though it has become more popular in recent years due to changes in technology, it still runs in the black market.

The game has become significantly more complex over the years. Players not only have to guess the numbers but also their combinations. Usually, the game participants are divided into different groups and each group will be responsible for a set of numbers. The members of these groups will then share any winnings that they receive from the ticket sales to other members who participate in this specific group.

The player has to play this game by buying a ticket and then waiting for that particular number to be drawn. The winner gets a huge amount of money and that person or his representative will get to collect the prize. Although the SattaKing game is illegal, it gains much popularity because of its large prize money and instant payment.


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