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Mr. Kocchar’s family and friends were shocked to learn about his involvement in gambling, but his addiction was so strong that he broke down several times before finally trying to give it up. The costs of his addiction were adding up and he soon found himself in the grip of debt. It was then that he started playing the Satta King game in order to win back his losses.

Kocchar’s addiction to sattaking betting, a popular game of lottery betting followed by people in Mumbai, was fuelled by advertisements in newspapers and on television for the game, as well as by its constant play at Mumbai’s satta bazaars. With Satta King, players wager on the winning number of a lottery. It is one of the most popular betting games in India.

So it came as a big shock to most of his friends and colleagues when he decided to throw his stocks, real estate holdings, and other assets in the market only to invest the resultant amounts in the lottery. But that was not the end of his bizarre financial decisions. He even sold the gold chains and other precious belongings that he had been doling out to his wife, Parinita (name changed), over the years on their wedding anniversary and birthdays to fund his newfound passion for gambling.

An IT professional by day, Manoj would wait impatiently for the end of the business day so he could indulge himself in a game of lottery. Before he knew it, he had lost everything including his health.

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