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Playing the game keeps our minds sharp and keeps them fast. There are lots of games that give us time to relax and also improve our mental health. Sudoku and Satta King both work to sharpen our minds and speed up our brains.

During the pandemic, people played different kinds of games to pass the time and enjoy themselves. Not only is it fun, it even sharpens the mind and increases productivity at work.

We apply some strategies to win any game we play. Our brain becomes good as a result of that strategy, and our mind becomes active so that we can enjoy the game. According to this theory, when you are interested in the work you do, it goes well, and you are also highly productive.  The work also does not go smoothly or perfectly when a person is not happy with their work or is not interested in it.

It is one of the oldest and best games ever; everybody wants to be able to crack the sudoku code. Satta king is also old, but a new version means it can be accessed online. It has been around for a long time. You can read about its history in my previous post.

Find out more about Sudoku.

Sudoku is a game of solving math tricks in which all sides of a number are given and blocks where you need to add the numbers that do not repeat as a row or column are left. Sudoku is an incredibly challenging game. You need a lot of tricks to crack the code of numbers when playing a sudoku game.

In classic Sudoku, the goal is to fill 9X9 grids with 3X3 sub-grids, which seems like a puzzle to solve with the aid of Vedic math, which uses a short-term method.

Satta king game

The Sattaking game is a game of numbers where you have to pick the perfect number. The game is played for money, not for fun. You need to invest your money in order to earn extra money in this game.

Satta king is one of the most popular games in India, and people love it. Gambling and lottery tickets are similar to this game where people play the big six wheel or wheel of fortune. It is restricted in India to play or bet on anything, but people like it the most, which is why the game is available online for them to play in their comfort zone.

People think that Satta king is based on luck, but that’s a myth, you have to apply a lot of strategies and solve the equation of mathematical equations to win.

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