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Soft-spoken and shy, Manoj Kocchar (name changed on request) seemed to be the least likely person to get involved in the world of gambling, which is always associated with risk and thrill. He was a Mumbai-based businessman who was well-to-do and highly respected by his peers. But it was not long before his life took a dramatic turn.

Part of the secret behind his business acumen was his penchant for making informed investment decisions. But the more he studied and researched, the more he got intrigued by the game of satta king.

When he finally got involved in this game, he soon discovered that sattaking is not a high-stake game like blackjack or poker where participants have to wager huge sums of money. Satta king can also be played online on online betting sites but this way it is not only very easy but also very convenient as well.

“I have always been a person who digests information and puts it to good use. I read today’s newspaper today, last week’s yesterday and last month’s newspaper a month ago. This helped me keep abreast with the developments in my line of business. I used to follow the stock market for a long time and carried out my own research. This proved helpful to me when I invested in the stock market,” said Manoj.

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